Like We Always Did

from by Stateside



It hit when you said,
“Damn, I guess we’ll never be around this place again.”
It was the last Saturday in June
And we spoke of fact and truth in dying youth
But we never knew the difference between the two

And I’ve found away through every night away from home
And every torn out notebook page and every
Line you saw, I wished them all away
Just ignore the burning on your lips of things you have to say

And we’ll strain our eyes to see
Anything through this coastal fog and rain
The last message you left me said that nothing here would change
Well I’ll keep this in mind, out of touch, spending time
Just like we always did: tongue-tied and barely alive

And it isn’t much to talk about; the scenery at eighty miles an hour
It’s a face we’ll just forget
And with steady aim comes broken hearts
And we kept our feelings oh so blunt
So you block the wind, I’ll spark one up
It’s how it’s always been

So goodbye and good night, nothing’s wrong; I’m alright
I know you’ve got class tomorrow, and so do I
(It’s times like these we ask ourselves: what’s
Keeping us anywhere at all?)

And say we never leave your backyard
And stay awake all night to find out
We’re the only ones that live like this

Get this through your head: I never knew it all.
We’ll watch as gazes shift to the hereafter
Where I swear we came so close but left it all behind
And watched as we became all that we despised


from Good Head Starts, Bitter Ends, released May 25, 2012



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